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Our iOS SDK is compatible across all iOS supporting mobile platforms and devices, ready for seamless integration, in line with the most up-to-date specifications and guidelines

Android SDK

Our Android SDK is available for seamless integration across mobile devices starting from Android version 7 and above, ready for use in minutes

Rest API

Our API’s are designed and developed for standardized use, efficiency and enforced security according to the latest Web protocols/guidelines

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Webhook quick integration

It’s easy. Define the Area and Trigger

How it works in 3 simple steps

Define the area

By drawing on the map the Area where you want to trigger your action

Device enters Area

A user with an App that has the Proxity SDK or the Proxity App enters the defined Area and will ask the backend for a specific information or action.


The backend will decide if /which action should be performed on the user’s Smartphone, that can be a message, link to a website, an offer or any required action.

How the Proxity solutions work

#location on demand

The Proxity SDK can be integrated into any application as a layer, that will be in charge of any required locations triggered actions
How it works
1.An RTLS device creates a digital interactive field
2.User enters the digital field of Proxity RTLS network
3.Proxity looks for the right trigger at this location and delivers it to the backend
4.The backend will decide what/if an action should be performed on the user’s Smartphone

Enhance UX

Deliver relevant information in the right place, Proxity allows you to directly engage users at locations based on their #interests, in order to provide an unprecedented customer experience.
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Improve insights

The Proxity RTLS Network provides you with location data which is amongst the most powerful and useful for understanding the behavior of users.

If you can't measure it, you can't improve it.

Peter F Drucker


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Starter plan


For individuals, small businesses and all those who want to test drive Proxity

  • 100k events per month
  • 10 km2 total coverage

Enterprise plan

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Bring location services to the next level & enhance UX

  • Unlimited events per month
  • Coverage by demand

Don't have an app?

Here we are with our easy to use Proxity.app

The Physical Web Browser.

Proxity brings everyone’s favorite #hashtag to the real world. Using our RTLS network in the Proxity App, it is possible to create, send and receive any web digital content directly on the smartphone.

Choose where and when to deliver the message. Users will receive it in real time and in the right place simply by passing nearby, based on their interests defined as #hashtags in their personal profile.

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